Presagen AI Open Projects
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Online platform for clinics to safely and privately connect global medical data with artificial intelligence to co-create scalable and unbiased medical products

Presagen AI Open Projects

Presagen’s AI Open Projects is an online platform that safely and privately connects data from clinics globally to co-create medical AI products that can be delivered at scale and at low cost.

Data from a single clinic, regardless of size or prestige, has limited value, because it is biased to their clinical setting and their demographic.

But collectively, a globally diverse dataset from many clinics around the world has the potential to create the world’s most powerful and globally relevant AI – to improve healthcare outcomes for patients around the globe.

Presagen AI Open Projects is on online platform for clinics to connect and contribute to a globally diverse dataset to collectively co-create scalable and unbiased medical AI products. Contributing clinics then share in the commercial success of the product via royalties, without having to carry the technical or commercial cost and risk.

How It Works

Participating in AI Open Projects is easy, regardless of clinic size or location. All clinics need to do is to drag-and-drop their data onto the secure web app, and provide clinical support. Presagen does the rest, including AI build, regulatory approvals and commercialization. Clinics can even track how well the AI training is progressing, and how their data is contributing.

The financial value that is created from economies of scale is then shared with contributing clinics via royalties – an effortless way to unlock the value of your data.

Presagen also solves a key data privacy issue. Data that is connected does not need to moved to a central location or leave the country of origin. Rather, with our patent pending Decentralized AI Training system, the AI travels to the data and learns locally, and repeats this process for data distributed all around the world.

Only the AI is shared, and never the private medical data.

Presagen has already has created it first product Life Whisperer for the Fertility sector, which uses AI to identify which embryos in IVF are likely to lead to a pregnancy.


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Call for Projects

Presagen has a current call out for projects in fertility, radiology, and retinal imaging.


To find out more about our AI Open Projects in these areas or to suggest new projects please ​Contact Us. 


Dr Michelle Perugini has a PhD in Medicine and is an expert in health, medical research (stem-cell biology and genetics) and AI.

Founder & CEO

Dr Michelle Perugini


Dr Jonathan Hall has PhDs in Physics and Nanotechnology and is an expert in deep learning AI and computer vision.


Dr Jonathan Hall


Dr Don Perugini has a PhD in AI and is an expert in cognitive science and the commercial application of AI.


Dr Don Perugini

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