Connecting clinics globally to build scalable AI medical products

Presagen co-creates AI products with clinics while preserving data privacy and sharing the commercial value

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Co-Creating AI

Local clinical data holds some value. Globally connected clinical data has enormous value.


Accurate and robust AI cannot be built on a single clinical dataset, it requires a large globally diverse dataset.


Presagen’s HIPAA compliant cloud platform safely connects globally diverse and distributed datasets from clinics of any size, and builds AI products that learn on the data without centralizing the data.


Our patent-pending Decentralized AI Training capability allows us to learn from data without moving the data out of country or into a centralized location. Only the trained AI is shared globally, and never the private patient data.


Presagen builds and commercializes the AI product, and then provide royalties back to clinical contributors ensuring everyone shares in the combined commercial value and global success of the product.


Presagen is revolutionizing the way healthcare data is leveraged using AI for shared benefit to clinics and patients anywhere in the world.


Presagen has already has created it first product Life Whisperer, which uses AI to identify which embryos in IVF are likely to lead to a pregnancy.

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How It Works

Watch this space - more information will be available following our new product launch.

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Dr Michelle Perugini has a PhD in Medicine and is an expert in health, medical research (stem-cell biology and genetics) and AI.

Founder & CEO

Dr Michelle Perugini


Dr Jonathan Hall has PhDs in Physics and Nanotechnology and is an expert in deep learning AI and computer vision.


Dr Jonathan Hall


Dr Don Perugini has a PhD in AI and is an expert in cognitive science and the commercial application of AI.


Dr Don Perugini

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