Presagen to collaborate with MITRE, Australian Cyber Collaboration Centre, and DTEX, in the fight against cyber threats

September 28, 2019


Presagen will be involved in an international collaboration with MITRE Corporation, that operate U.S. federally funded R&D centers to solve problems for a safer world; the newly announced Australian Cyber Collaboration Centre in South Australia; and global cybersecurity company DTEX. The collaboration will initially focus on detection of insider threats, and Presagen will apply it unique artificial intelligence (AI) technology to existing detection and investigation capabilities.


Presagen is an AI platform that connects global datasets to create scalable AI products. Although currently targeting the healthcare industry, Presagen is solving a more general and critical underlying problem in AI – building robust, scalable and unbiased AI products.


Presagen’s CEO Dr Michelle Perugini said “To build AI products that solve global problems, you need a global dataset which is diverse and represents different types of people, culture or contexts. In healthcare this is challenging because data privacy laws can prevent private medical data leaving the country of origin.  As a result, many focus on building AI from single large datasets that are not diverse, creating AI that will be biased and simply will not scale. This issue is not specific to healthcare, but is an issue with AI more generally. ”


Presagen’s patent-pending Decentralized AI Training technique allows AI to be trained on data distributed globally without having to move or centralize the data. Rather than move private data to a central location, Presagen’s technique moves the AI to the data for training. Only the AI which is general knowledge derived from the data is shared and moved between data sources, and never the private data itself.


The technology was led by Presagen Co-Founders Dr Don Perugini and Dr Jonathan Hall. Dr Don Perugini has spent over 20 years in AI research and commercialization. He started his career as a Defense scientist in Australia working in cybersecurity, IoT, and distributed AI systems, and worked collaboratively with international agencies including US Defense Research agency DARPA. Dr Hall has dual PhD’s in physics and nanotechnology, and is an AI specialist.


Dr Don Perugini said “Presagen’s decentralized AI training technique overcomes significant issues around data sharing to create globally scalable AI. We believe this is a necessary paradigm shift and will revolutionize the way the industry will build AI products.”


Dr Hall said “We are excited about the collaboration with MITRE and DTEX to apply our advanced AI technology within the context of cybersecurity, which is a significant global problem for businesses and the community.”


Click here to read the press release from MITRE Corporation.


For more information, contact Dr Michelle Perugini at or +61 412 396 960.


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